introducing our fleet…

Our fleet consists of a variety of vehicles of different sizes so we can service all your towing needs:This includes trade breakdowns and car transporting of new and used cars for car yards,also containers ,machinery ,prestige vehicles and much more.

5 x F350 tow trucks. These little beauties are great for the underground carparks!

The F350 Smash Trucks are designed for all smash needs and are great for getting in under ground carparks.

3 x fe Hino tilt trays with 9 metre trays, these can carry up to 6.5 tonne.

6 x tilt trays with 7 metre trays with container pins and ramps for lowered cars, these trucks can carry up to 4 tonne.

1 x four car transporter.

mini Hino with 6 metre tilt trays. These are good for the hard to get places likeĀ small complexes and shopping centres.

Roadside response unitsĀ used to get your vehicle back on the road!